Monday, September 27, 2010

Few more!! ,,,more coming!

What they will do for their friend!!


Doherty High

POMS and a Cowboy!!

Thanks girls!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Amber brought over her envelope with the $97.50 raised!! Becca's AWESOME Artwork!
And beautifully set tables!
Bec and the POM'S girls working hard!!


Setting up!

Young men in Colorado Springs baking for the bake sale!

It has been quite a weekend!
I was so emotional throughout this event, as I am sure many of you were!!
The love for this sweet family was demonstrated over and over again!
What a joy to see and feel the love that so many gave!

The bake sales were such a huge success!
There were a total of 10 that signed up/registered to have bake sales.

A few that planned to have them (Washington, Idaho, CA, Florida) weren't able to do it due to unforeseen situations! They continued to pray for Rachel and keep up on the news of how everything was going. Many thanks to all of you!

Cassie and Jacob in Florida, worked hard on this blog so I must thank them for giving us all a wonderful place to go to connect with one another! Super job by our graphic designer & Web guy:)
In Colorado Springs one of them was held by a young girl, Amber and her younger sister. They don't even know the Steele Family. They raised $97.50!!! How amazing is that? Way to go girls!

There were 3 more signed up in Colorado Springs, me included, we all decided to go in together and have one big fat Bake Sale!! It was such a great success! Thanks to all that did so much!
This one raised $815.20!
Then the rest that were held were in Utah...
Yard sale/ Bake sale in Orem ~Karen and her amazing group "It was a FANTASTIC day here in orem!!! We are waiting on one last thing but we are over $4000 for the Rite Aid Bake Sale and Yard Sale!!! So exciting!!!Thank you Shelley for thinking up this great idea and thank you to everyone else for all your hard work and time!!"

Bone Marrow Eagle Project / Bake sale~ "Here at the Vineyard location in Orem we collected over $2000 for the Steele family, and there are about 30 more potential donors on the bone marrow registry. Thanks to all who helped make this such a wonderful week of service for so many." Cindee

Bake Sale ~ Orem ~"Our Total for the bake sale we did in our neighborhood was $610 which was great for being in a location with essentially no traffic. Coach Young was out riding around on our bike with the kids trying to advertise the sale. We also had some really beautiful cakes that were sold. I had a few people who got emotional as I shared Rachel's story.
Good job everyone!" Coach J

Car wash / Bake sale ~ Orem ~ this busy group worked so so hard!
They raised $1600. Way to go Toni and your amazing group of HARD WORKERS!!!

Bake Sale, ~ Others... Someone help me out here!!! Someone earned a total of $400!! I don't have a name though.

Donations from the Volleyball game at Mountain View ~ Thanks to Coach YOUNG!!
Admissions: I heard this was about $250
Orange Table: $281
So unless I hear from anyone else here is our AMAZING, CRAZY total!
So our grand total is...
Keep checking back! More photos to be added!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

…and we are off and running!!
Step outside and smell the sweet air in your neighborhoods!
It is coming from so many homes, baking and preparing for their STEELESTRONG BAKE SALES
Please find the one near your neighborhood, and make generous donations on Saturday!
Thank you to all the families working so hard on Rachel’s behalf!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

KSL Classified!

sheplaced an add in KSL Classified Adds
To tell EVERYONE about the bake sales in your areas!
Many thanks to so many who have donated goodies,
places to hold these events, and funds to assist in making each and every
Mountain View High School
Rite Aid
Doherty High School ~Poms
Colorado Springs Farmer's Market ~Rick
Sunflower Market Colorado Springs
(if you want to add anyone to this list of those to thank please email me and we will do it ASAP!)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

BAKE SALE'S are around the corner!!
Literally, they are going to be right around the corner from you VERY SOON!!
Keep your eyes open!
Needing something chocolate?
Needing refreshments for the next activity?
Wanting home made BREAD...
and jam?
It's all there!
Please if you are a crafter or a baker and have crafts or goodies you would like to donate to be sold for this GREAT cause LET SOMEONE KNOW!!
Step outside in your neighborhood on Saturday the 25th
and you are going to smell
Please come hungry & donate, donate, donate!
Thanks from
Shelley & Karen

Friday, September 10, 2010

KSL interview

Tonight at 10.

"Star volleyball player fights her own

battle off the court"